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Make an appointment with the dentist if you have teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold beverages or foods.
A dentist should also be consulted if you experience any of the following symptoms: bleeding gums when brushing or flossing, halitosis, tooth pain, a persistent unpleasant taste, difficulty swallowing or chewing, dry mouth, an uneven bite, or a popping jaw.

The patient typically fills out papers before a checkup.
Then his or her mouth is looked at.
The hygienist will decide whether x-rays are required.
To check for gum disease, specialized dental instruments will be utilized.
The teeth are cleaned either that day or at a subsequent appointment.
Your overall dental health will be evaluated by the dentist.
Additionally, he will screen for oral cancer while holding the tongue in place with gauze.
Along with the rest of the mouth and jaw, it is examined.


Make at least two annual trips to the family dentist to have your teeth and gums cleaned and examined.
Your dentist will go into great detail if it is decided that you have a problem with your oral health.